The Rebel

The idea of rebellion is not new, but the idea of rebellion combined with enlightenment is absolutely new, it is my contribution.

Rebellion is possible only in the individual soul.

The rebel is a spiritual phenomenon.

His approach is absolutely individual.

His vision is that if we want to change the society, we have to change the individual.

There can be no political revolution, no social revolution, no economic revolution.

The social revolution is a pseudo phenomenon, because the society has no soul of its own.

Society in itself does not exist; it is only a word, like crowd, but if you go to find it, you will not find it anywhere.

Wherever you will encounter someone, you will encounter an individual.

Society is only a collective name, just a name, not a reality, it has no substance.

The individual has a soul, has a possibility of evolution, of change, of transformation.

Hence the difference is tremendous.

Revolution is a spiritual phenomenon.

The only revolution is that of the spirit; it is individual.

And if millions of individuals change, then the society will change as a consequence, not vice versa.

You cannot change the society first and hope that individuals will change later on.

And if we can make the majority of humanity more conscious, more aware, with a few individuals reaching to the highest peaks of intelligence, then these people, just by their very presence, will raise the whole conscious level of humanity, will give them clarity, vision, insight, and will make them capable of dropping all nonsense that they have been carrying up to now.

Then the politicians cannot exploit them, neither the priests can exploit them.

All their gullibility will disappear.

And these enlightened people having nothing to do, just their presence is a catalytic agent.

The rebel is the very essence of religion.

He brings into the world a change of consciousness, and if the consciousness changes, then the structure of the society is bound to follow it.

But vice versa is not right, and it has been proved by all the revolutions, because they have all failed.

No revolution has yet succeeded in changing man; but it seems man is not aware of the fact.

He still goes on thinking in terms of revolution, of changing society, of changing the government, of changing the bureaucracy, of changing laws, political systems.

Feudalism, capitalism, communism, socialism, fascism, they are all in their own way revolutionary.

They all have failed, and failed utterly, because man has remained the same.

It seems there is something intrinsic in the very mechanism of revolution that makes it bound to fail.

First, the revolutionary is created by the old society against which he is revolting; his values, his ideals are not much different from the old.

The only difference for him is that the right people are not in power; otherwise, everything is right.

Only the right people have to be in power, the wrong people have to be removed, and the revolution will be accomplished in all dimensions of life.

This is a basic fallacy.

It is not a question of right or wrong people.

The whole society has been conditioned to live in a reactionary way, not in a revolutionary way; it has been conditioned to be slaves not masters.

Hence, when a few people revolt against the powers, to change the power structure, and replace the old establishment with themselves, only then do they find that what the old establishment was doing, they, too, have to do; otherwise, there will be immense chaos.

But then it is too late to understand.

And slowly slowly, they themselves turn into the same kind of people that they have thrown out, in fact, worse, because now they know the taste of power, and they also know how they have thrown out the people who were in power before them.

Soon there will be a new generation coming, which will start talking about revolution, because nothing has been changed.

They are more alert to repress any possibility of revolution because they know how they threw out the old power structure; they are not going to be thrown out in the same way.

They will not allow freedom of speech, which is a basis for any revolution to happen, and they will crush every individual who does not follow their structure.

My own understanding is if we can transform man, if we can bring more and more people to meditation, if we can make more and more people unrepressed, living an authentic, natural life, sharing their love, having a great compassion for everything living, a reverence for life itself.

People who are not going to betray the earth; who are not in favor of any unnatural way of life preached by all the religions.

If these individuals spread around the world like a wildfire, then anarchism will be a by product of a society which is free from religions and religious superstitions; which is psychologically healthy, non repressive, which is spiritually healthy, not schizophrenic, which knows the beauties of the outside world and also the inner treasures of consciousness, awareness.

No-mind is meditation, and no-mind is the revelation.

No-mind is the greatest rebellion that has ever happened.

Source: Osho

Artist – Alex Grey – Meditationrebel