Peace Or Mind

The Annual Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded by the Norwegian Nobel Committee since 1901, yet true lasting global peace remains a dream, a hope, a utopia.

The world is in crisis, which drags us ever closer to the nuclear precipice.

There remains no choice but to address the fundamental problems of our global dystopia.

To discover the very roots of it’s unconscious nature.

Yet until the people begin to realize that the solutions we seek can only be found beyond the intellectual mind.

Global peace will remain a utopia!

How many world leaders, artists, scientists, academics, politicians, clergy, celebrities, know themselves?

Or are even aware that they do not know themselves?

Knowing oneself is intelligence.

Intelligence comes from seeing.

Not from the mind, thoughts must cease for your intelligence to be.

Intelligence is consciousness itself.

Consciousness, being free of thought, is the door to knowing the absolute, zero.

It is ever present within us.

Intelligence is always in the present.

“By placing the Hubble’s Space telescope orbit outside the distortion of Earth’s atmosphere.

It has allowed Hubble to take extremely high-resolution images of the universe.

Many of it’s observations have led to breakthroughs in astrophysics.”

Uncovering intelligence, from the distortion of mind, allows us to see directly the very nature of reality.

Fully unlocking the present will release humanity from its entire past of divisions, violence, hatred and war.

Set intelligence as a universal existential constant.

Intelligence is a state of no-mind.

Our whole structure of education is built not on intelligence, but on intellect and competition,

Only trying to achieve results in the future.

Never realizing that intelligence is always in the present.

Education initiates the fever of ambition and the struggle for power.

Education does not make you more aware, more conscious.

It simply fills you with information by increasing the power of your memory.

Mind is nothing but a faculty of imagination.

But while the world and it’s leaders remain oblivious to this truth.

The implications are enormous.

The intellect without intelligence awake is one of the most dangerous things in the world.

And we are living under the danger of intellect.

Because intellect has given science immense power.

But the power is in the hands of children, not in the hands of wise people.

Only by knowing oneself, does a person become wise…


2) After the Dark Night Comes the Dawn.

The time in which we are living is of tremendous importance.

As things are moving today, the logical conclusion is a global suicide.

We are coming closer to a third world war.

It is sad to recognize the fact, but it is good to recognize it, because then there is the possibility of taking a different turn.

A single politician, to show his power, can destroy the whole of civilization.

Moscow, New York, London, Beijing, any place can be vaporized within seconds.

The whole point of a war is to win, but in a nuclear war nobody wins.

So war has lost its basic foundation.

If a nuclear war happens it will be the destruction of all.

People are completely asleep!

Yet this is a great moment in the history of mankind,

If the whole world can be destroyed together within minutes the alternative can only be that the whole world should be together.

Nuclear weapons need to be outlawed outright globally!

Why should such unconscious people have access to so much destructiveness, that a single nation could destroy the whole earth?

Just a few bad people have been ruling the whole of humanity, and millions of good people, seeing destructiveness, seeing violence, seeing criminality, just remain silent.

They don’t want to get involved in any trouble.

What are you doing to prevent the calamity that is coming closer every day?

Thousands of scientists of immense intelligence, talent and genius have become just slaves of a political mechanism which exploits their intelligence in the service of war and death.

In their sleep they are making nuclear weapons, not knowing what they are doing.

It is time that scientists should learn to discriminate: what helps life and what destroys life.

The scientists have to realize their responsibility.

The politician is struggling to have power over people, the scientist is struggling to have power over matter; but the desire is the same, and the mind is the same.

Mind is continuously trying to dominate, to enslave, to be powerful over others, over matter, because mind has no power of its own.

All its power is borrowed.

The mind can become knowledgeable, but it cannot become wise.

Can you see any intelligence in making more nuclear weapons?

We are all grave-diggers, and we are all digging our own graves.

The reason is an imbalance in our evolution.

We go on developing scientific technology without bothering at all that our consciousness should also evolve in the same proportion.

It is one of the fundamental laws of existence that the inner truth has to be discovered by each individual by his own efforts.

It cannot be purchased in the marketplace, nor can it be stolen.

Nobody can give it to you as a gift.

It is not a commodity, it is not material; it is an immaterial experience.

The evolution of consciousness is an explosion from your innermost core.

When suddenly all darkness is gone,

It means the energy has shifted from memory to intelligence.

Memory is mechanical; intelligence is non-mechanical.

That’s why computers can have memory but they don’t have intelligence!

Intelligence is a totally different matter.

Intelligence is an alive response, herenow,

It is the power to face a new situation about which you know nothing.

Memory is a reaction out of the past, from mind.

An intelligent person will have a totally different vision of life.

Their eyes will penetrate to the very root of any problem.

To face every moment with a totally new response.

The more you use your light, your intelligence, your consciousness, the more it grows.

And remember, no creative, intelligent person seeks power.

No intelligent person is interested in dominating others.

What are you going to do to help human consciousness rise in such a way that we can prevent the global suicide that is going to happen?

The destruction is not only of humanity.

With humanity die all the companions of humanity, the animals, the trees, the birds, the flowers, everything disappears, everything that is alive.

This is the only planet in the whole of existence which is alive; its death would be a great tragedy.

But it can be avoided.

The intelligentsia of the world has to create an atmosphere in the world.

A tremendous struggle for a great revolution in human consciousness is needed, and everybody is called for that revolution.

Contribute all that you can.

Your whole life has to be given to the revolution.

You will not have another chance, another challenge, for your own growth, and for the growth of this whole beautiful planet.

You have to become the soldiers for this revolution to avoid the criminal forces, the evil forces, which are getting ready to destroy us.

The death of this earth is not far away.

A revolution in human consciousness is no more a luxury, it has become an absolute need, as there are only two alternatives, suicide or a quantum leap in consciousness.

Nuclear weapons have brought this great urgency for a choice,

It is now or never.


3) Politics Is A Disease.

The whole history of politics consists only of two things: war and preparation for war.

Politics, for centuries, has been just killing, destroying people.

In three thousand years, politicians have created over five thousand wars.

The politician lives on war, on creating more conflict, more unrest, more discrimination, more disturbance, these are his nourishment.

It seems that inside the politician, a psychopath instinct is very powerful; its only joy is to destroy, to dominate.

We see it happening throughout history, and still we don’t become aware.

Most of the politicians are created by their own ambition.

Hence they are the most dangerous people in the world.

Politics is basically dirty. It has to be because for one post thousands of people are hankering, longing; then naturally they will fight, they will kill, they will do anything.

The politician is only interested in himself and how to get higher and higher, how to reach to the highest point in the bureaucracy.

The way politics functions: it is ugly, it is inhuman, it is barbarous.

The Politician can sacrifice everything, but he cannot sacrifice his power.

Instead he sacrifices all the interests of the people.

The basic desire to be a leader arises in people who are suffering from an inferiority complex.

The will-to-power is an absolute indication that the man feels himself inferior to others and he wants to prove to the world that it is not so.

It is not only a question of proving to the world; through the world he wants to prove it to himself too, that he is not inferior to anybody.

The only way mind can manage it is to make everybody inferior to you.

The will to power and to dominate arises only in the sick mind.

Politicians are spiritually sick people.

Politics is a disease, and it should be treated exactly like that.

It is more dangerous than cancer and if surgery is needed it should be done.

The politician and his game are the ugliest things you can conceive of.

His basic art is to be articulate, to be able to express your hopes, transforming them into his promises.

He is so articulate that he goes on finding your conscious, your unconscious dreams and hopes, and translates them into promises for the future: that if you give him power, he is going to fulfill all these things.

It is a bargain: you give him power, and he will give you the promised land.

Just look at past history.

All politicians have been promising people things which have not materialized in thousands of years.

Thousands of political leaders have been promising the same things.

How blind humanity must be!

The promises have not changed, that means certainly nothing has been achieved.

The same promises are being given to you and you go on following, hoping.

Hope is the greatest drug that man has invented!

The politician moves legally, constitutionally towards power, and once he has the power in his hands, then he can manipulate the law, the constitution and everything, in a thousand and one ways.

He can corrupt and prostitute everything once he has power.

But until he has power he moves very legally, constitutionally, morally.

Once you have given him power, who cares about you?

The man who had promised you was powerless.

This is a totally different man, now he is powerful.

Politicians are legal constitutional criminals.

They forget completely that they are servants of the people; they start behaving as if they are the masters of the people.

They are the most unqualified people in the world.

Their only quality is that they can manage to befool the poor masses.

The politicians’ power, is in your unawareness.

Rather than being in power, they should be behind bars.

If the world wants to be at peace, politicians should disappear entirely from this planet.

They are the enemies of humanity.

Humanity has to be freed from their chains and their presence.

Humanity is a victim of these power seekers; mad people whose only ambition in life is their ego.

The whole of politics is nothing but an ego game.

The politician is not interested in solving problems, he is interested in making them as complex as possible.

So he becomes absolutely essential; you need him always.

The politician is very cunning, he is not clever.

He substitutes cunningness for cleverness.

He is not wise, because to be wise in this world is to be condemned by the masses and the politician cannot afford that.

The whole of politics depends on lies.

He wants to keep you always afraid of the enemies.

The cunning politician keeps every country always in crisis.

Adolf Hitler has written in his autobiography:

“Unless you have enemies, you cannot become a great leader.

Even if you don’t have enemies, create the fiction that your country is in danger, because when people are afraid they are ready to become slaves.

When people are afraid they are ready to follow politicians.”

Although he was an insane person, once in a while he made statements which are very significant.

He has said, “The greatest leaders of humanity are born in times of war.”

So unless there is a great war, you cannot be a great leader; just to fulfill the desire of being a great leader, you have to kill millions of people.

And he is right: in days of peace, people don’t need to follow; people don’t make the leader almost a god, so that his word becomes the law.

In your fear is their power.

The more they make you afraid, the more powerful they are.

Outside the country they go on creating fictions, and inside the country they also continue.

Until they remove all of your freedoms.

Politicians talk of stopping wars, stopping the killings, but they don’t mean it.

It is good business.

They don’t want to stop the wars that they have created, because otherwise who are they going to sell all of their weapons to which amount to trillions of dollars annually?

These are the politicians who don’t want to be interfered with, who want absolute control of humanity, where nobody is above them.

Is nobody interested in finding out what our priority should be?

Is nobody interested in human life?

When continuously around the world people are dying of hunger, lack of clean drinking water, from poverty from sickness.

Politicians certainly need exposure because as far as I can see, if politicians are exposed completely, humanity, for the first time, will be able to be free from politics.

Yet your so called greatest scholars are continuously proving their slavery to the establishment.

None of them is a rebel.

They are hankering for the prizes and awards the establishment can bestow upon them: respectability, honor.

They are all desiring to be Nobel laureates, but to get the Nobel prize you have to sell your soul.

You have to accept a thousand and one things that no intelligent person can accept.

You have to support the status quo, the people who are in power, who have the money.

You are just a puppet to them.

Yes, it is a very mutual conspiracy: they give you the Nobel prize, they give you honorary doctorates, they make you world famous; in return you support their exploitation, their oppression, and whatever nonsense they are doing.

You have to become a protecting wall.

Going around the world from one nation to another,

I have seen that every nation has been turned into a concentration camp by the politicians.

If we can live without politicians, and they are not needed at all, we can live without the boundaries of nations.

Humanity is one.

We can live as one world.

Of course functional management will be needed but governments are not needed.

And by functional management I mean like the management of the post offices, railways.

You don’t even know who is the chief of your post offices.

There is no need.

He is a functional servant.

Sooner or later the world is going to be in the hands of the people who have merit.

We should live in a nonpolitical way.

Anarchy is one of the most beautiful words in the human language.

Yes, it means absence of authority.

It means you are accepted as an independent individual.

You are no longer a slave.

I want to see humanity without being governed by anybody, because each government basically means slavery.

We are facing a dark night, and I am reminded of the old saying that “After the Dark Night Comes the Dawn”

But I hesitate to say that this dark night that is surrounding us will have any dawn to it.

Politicians have managed to create enough destructive power to destroy life from the earth; and they are continuously piling up more and more nuclear weapons.

Before the politician and his nuclear weapons destroy the whole humanity, a few authentic enlightened people have to bring fire to every heart, a fire in which the whole political game is finished.

And with the political game finished, the politician will disappear.

We just need a few authentic intelligent people, not priests, not professionals but people who have experienced consciousness itself.

They will become burning torches in the darkness of the night.

They will not become politicians, but they can destroy the whole political structure of the world, and that’s what is needed.

They will not be interested in politics, but they will certainly be interested in the humanity that the politicians have been exploiting for centuries.

They will not take power in their hands, they will simply destroy these parasites and let the power be with everybody.

In fact, power should be distributed to everybody. It should be decentralized; there is not need for power to be centralized.

Centralized, power is bound to corrupt.

With power decentralized, everybody is powerful in his own way.

So what is the need of having politicians?

Their lust for power has come to the climax.

They are absolutely prepared to destroy each other, to destroy all and everything.

They are the real criminals.

Before they succeed in committing a global suicide, at least you should have known the intelligence that exists within you.

The time is very short and the work is tremendous, but if you have courage, the challenge can be accepted.

Don’t depend on politicians; they cannot do anything; they are not even aware of where they have been leading humanity, into what darkness.

Before the outside world is destroyed by your politicians, enter into your inner world.

Know yourself.

Be yourself.

Your intelligence.

Share your joy, your silence and your laughter to anybody and everybody you come in contact with.

You cannot give a better gift to your friends, to your acquaintances, to your lovers, to your children.


4) The Center Of The Cyclone

Humanity is caught up in such a sorry state of affairs.

There is great power in the hands of the unelected.

Sovereign governments controlled by oligarchs, enslaving the people, working for the corporations, and the banks.

The very people who should not be allowed to possess power.

This combination of power, greed and ignorance is certain to end in disaster.

Powerful people that want the whole world to remain divided into rich and poor.

Their whole effort is to keep you as unintelligent as possible, so those who have power are never questioned, their intentions are never questioned.

Oligarchs, banks and corporations cannot rule over sovereign governments!

Somebody asked H.G. Wells, “What do you think about democracy?”

He said, “It is a good idea.”

The man said, “A good idea?”

Wells said, “Yes, it has yet to happen.”

And it has still not happened .

Yet In the name of democracy something else has been going on.

Those who are powerful in society do not want any change in the social structure, because their power, interest and exploiting capacity depend on it.

And humanity has been exploited in every possible way.

Even their hopes have been exploited, their aspirations have been exploited, their absolutely valid demands have been exploited.

We are giving so much power, to power hungry people, with our own hands we are asking them to hang us!

This is not democracy.

In the name of democracy these people are exploiting us.

We have to go through a truly radical change.

America has come to a point where the super-rich, the powerful oligarchic class that rules over the continent, the government and much of the world, has lost excitement, has lost the meaning, the significance, the very reason for existing.

And when these things disappear, there is a suicidal wave that gets hold of the people.

America is in the grip of a suicidal wave.

For America, it is very difficult to have any hope, because they are living in a hopeless condition.

And when somebody is dying, what does it matter if everybody else dies too?

In fact, why should they bother?

After them, if there is no life in the world it is not their problem.

If the people of America can see that they are in the hands of mad people.

If they can change their government, take it over from the mad people who are controlling it, break these criminal links and give it to intelligent people of whom there are so many in America.

But the trouble is, the intelligent people don’t feel like getting into dirty politics.

The world of politics is basically of the instinctive level.

It belongs to the law of the jungle.

Might is right.

Politics can be reduced almost into a mathematical maxim.

Politics means will-to-power.

But the whole thing depends upon the American people.

The whole nation just has to wake up to what these politicians are doing, and create a government of non-political people.

It is time that American people should take over all the powers from these mediocre people.

They are the real danger in the world.

These powers should be given to those who have real merit, and there are enough people who have merit.

Once the nation decides “We are not going to vote for the politician; it is not a question of this party or that party, it is a question of politicians versus meritorious people who have nothing to do with politics.”

Make it a point that professional politicians are no longer needed.

Intelligent people just have to spread the message: “Let us have a non-political government.

We will not choose any professional politician of this party or that party.

The whole thing depends on America because America is in such a hurry to go into a third world war.

Yet there is still time for the people to prevent this catastrophe from happening.

Politicians have brought this great challenge to the whole of humanity.

In a way we should be thankful to these fools: they have dragged the whole of humanity to the point where humanity has to decide, “Now either we can live or these politicians can remain in power, both are not possible.”

What I am proposing is the right way to change the whole structure, so that one day meritocracy can merge into democracy.

I call it meritocracy, because it will depend on merit.

It will not be a political system, it will not have any political parties.

People will be running for posts on their own merit.

And each individual will decide on their own, because no political party will be pressurizing them.

There will be no political party at all, individual to individual.

Anybody who is chosen is chosen because of their merit.

If you choose a secretary for finance, then you will choose the best economist in your country.

This does not happen at all.

People who don’t know anything of economics become finance secretaries, ministers.

People who don’t know anything about education become education ministers.

Power should be in the hands of the best; only then we can hope something good can come out of it.

And the simple way is, make categories so universities become your centers of power, not governments; universities create your governors, your presidents, your vice-presidents, your senators.

And that should be the right thing to do.

We have so many universities; these universities can supply us with all our needs, all the people we need.

The government will not be in the old sense a government.

It won’t have any power, it will be simply functional.

It will be the servant of the society in the real sense, not only in words.

Now, as things are, the profession of the politician is the only profession which needs no qualification.

Even if you want to be a plumber, some kind of qualification will be needed, some training in plumbing, some certificate.

But if you want to be the president of America, no certificate is needed.

All this can be changed by people of genius coming to the top.

Merit should be decisive.

And the meritorious should be invited because the meritorious are not the ones who are going to beg for votes.

A man of merit has a certain dignity.

Politicians don’t have any dignity.

They are beggars.

What power do politicians have?

All the power that they have we have given to them.

We can take it back. It is not their power, it is our power.

We just have to find a way to take it back, because giving is very easy, taking is a little difficult.

They will not be so simple and innocent when you take the power back as they were when they were asking it from you.

It is our power!

You have to understand one thing: if the world is really interested in enjoying freedom, then politics should not be so important; it should be dethroned, reduced in power, there is no reason that it should have power.

Merit should be valued, nothing else.

And merit is a very rare quality.

As the situation is, all the geniuses of the world are outside governments.

It is hilarious: those geniuses are needed in the government because they can give the best world to humanity, but they are servants of the retarded politicians.

There are thousands of geniuses around the world.

And remember, geniuses are never destructive; they are always creative.

With a genius president in America, and a genius president in Russia, in China, a third world war becomes impossible.

In fact, with geniuses ruling all over the world, the day will not be far off when they will decide that it is better to make one world rather than divide it into nations, because that solves problems more easily.

It is simple, a world government can look at the whole world as one humanity.

Problems are not so much as they appear.

If there is only one government, and there are no longer any nations, the question of war does not arise.

With whom are you going to fight?

Then the whole energy is released for creative purposes.

A hundred percent of all energy, money, income becomes available to the whole world.

Nobody needs to be poor, nobody needs to be without food, medicine, shelter, nobody needs to be without education.

We can make this earth a living paradise.

If this is possible, then we will have for the first time, something that is really human, giving dignity to humanity, integrity to individuals.

If America changes the power from the hands of the politicians to non-politicians, transformation can become possible, leading to a world government, of immense richness.

The question of power does not arise, only that of immense richness.

Then the people who are ruling now all over the world will be nowhere at all.

Then you will find rulers well-trained, cultured, knowing the art and the science of politics, and always ready to go to the professors, to the scholars.

And slowly it may be possible that they can approach the highest level of meritocracy; the intuitive people.

The aim should be peace, not power.

It is only in peace that man moves on energetic, creative and constructive paths.

5) Existence, The Last Refuge.

Meditation is when you are not doing anything at all.

When the mind is not functioning at all.

That non-functioning of the mind is meditation.

No chanting, no mantra, no image, no concentration.

One just simply is.

Modern physics, in the hands of Albert Einstein, has turned almost into mysticism.

Nobody has noted the fact, because mystics don’t understand modern physics and the physicists do not care about the mystics.

The mystics have always experienced that they are one, but nobody has listened to them.

Perhaps man was not mature enough to understand the depth of their declaration.

The mystics have simply expressed the oneness of all.

That existence knows only one moment:

The present moment.

Physicists go into detail.

Physicists say that existence consists of two elements: space and time.

And Einstein turned even these two into one.

Albert Einstein, especially, was the first scientist to come to the conclusion that time is the fourth dimension of matter.

He used to say that “There is not space and time, there is only ‘Spacetime’.”

Einstein had said, “the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.”

We are accustomed to dividing time into past, present, and future.

But in reality these are not the divisions of time, these are divisions of our mind,

Because past does not exist anymore, except in our memories,

And the future exists not yet, except in our imaginations.

Time means mind.

Time is a projection of mind.

It does not exist; it is only an illusion, although a convincing one.

Maya is a faculty of the mind.

The state of hypnosis that all human beings together create throughout the world.

Mind has the capacity to manifest whatsoever it believes.

Its belief becomes the actuality.

Yet mind prevents us from ever knowing the truth.

That only the present exists, and the present is not part of time.

You can enter into existence only through the present.

Your connection with existence is of consciousness.

The only way to be connected with existence is to go inwards,

Because there at the center you are still connected.

When you are present then reality is present.

It is your presence that reveals the presence of reality.

Then you are in the now, and the now is eternal.

Then it never comes and goes, it simply is.

And to find that which remains is the ultimate truth.

Life itself here now.

This whole existence is intelligent, caring, compassionate, loving, but it is not a person.

It is not limited in any way; it is unlimited, infinite and eternal.

There is no beginning, no end.

Whatsoever exists can go out of existence.

But existence itself cannot go out of existence.

It is continuously evolving towards higher peaks and higher peaks;

It is continuously fathoming depths beyond depths.

There are skies beyond skies; there is no end to existence, it has no boundary.

When you were not here, it was there.

When you will not be here, it will be here.

We come and go; we are just waves in this vast ocean of existence.

We come and go, existence remains.

No spiritual thinker, philosopher, has tried to think of a parallel for spiritual growth.

Coming to the ultimate awakening, coming to the ultimate experience of yourself and existence.

Physics has given the words ‘quantum leap’.

So when a few people around the earth get the ‘quantum leap’.

Then thousands more will become part of a world-wide fire.

Suddenly people who have not even tried meditation, who are not even seekers,

Who have never thought about anything spiritual, catch the infection, it is contagious.

It all depends on your intensity, on your sincerity, and it all depends on your totality.

Because through meditation you can come to the very core of existence.

If you experience the present moment, you have realized the whole phenomenon of eternity.

Through meditation you come to your innermost core of intelligence.

When the mind is not, it is revealed to you.

Through meditation you become so silent that your own intelligence is revealed to you.

Revelation is not an answer but an existential no-mind experience.


6) Everybody can be a mystic.

For the first time, humanity can be one, no divisions.

What divides all the religions?

Just small details, meaningless details, about their idea of god.

But if there is no god, all those differences disappear.

Have you met anyone who has seen god?

You don’t know anything about god, you have only heard about him.

And you have heard from people who have heard it from people, who have heard it from somebody else.

The end result of believing, of having faith in a truth that you have not realized yourself.

It is hearsay.

You are collecting all kinds of religious information that seems to be important to you.

Why does it seem important?

It seems important because it covers your ignorance.

It helps you to feel as if you know.

Yet you have no criterion to judge the true from the false.

It is mere hearsay, knowledge which is ignorance.

Unfortunately, ninety-nine percent of humanity belongs to that category.

You read religious books, but cannot even be sure if the person is talking from his personal experience or hearsay.

Are you sure that the one whose words you are taking in, whose knowledge you are imbibing, is authentic?

A belief is not a truth.

Knowledge is something dead.

It is created from people who had simply heard from chains of other people who have heard about the innermost reality.

You have not to believe in a truth.

Truth overwhelms you.

Knowing is something alive.

Organized theistic religion does not have any approach towards truth, because truth is intrinsic in your consciousness, beyond your mind.

It is not a thought.

It is not a question of philosophy, nor a question of theological discussions.

It is a question of deep meditation that leads you beyond thinking, beyond mind.

When I say there is no god.

I am not saying that I disbelieve in god; even for disbelief, god has to be.

I am simply saying there is no god, has never been.

All definitions are inventions.

All counterfeit religious values are imposed from the outside.

It is a programming of the mind.

All religions have been doing this programming for centuries.

They are not allowing the person to know the truth.

They are not allowing the person to be really honest, they are forcing values from outside.

All values imposed from outside never get to your center.

The only authentic values are those which come from your center and spread outwards, not vice versa.

That’s exactly the meaning of education: drawing the water out from the well.

Education means drawing your inner being into expression in your living, your day to day life.

Your honesty, your love, your compassion, should come from your inner being, not from teachings and scriptures, not from rabbis, imams and priests.

Those who have taken away your individuality, your freedom, your intelligence.

In its place they have given you bogus beliefs, which mean nothing.

Talking about every possible impossible thing they know nothing of, their systems are purely creations of imagination.

Accepting a personal god creates unnecessary problems which are insolvable.

Any hypothesis which creates problems rather than solving them is useless.

In fact, prayer has no way to reach to the truth.

Because prayer is based on belief in a god.

You have already accepted a belief.

Why do you go on talking with yourself in the first place?

If you observe, then you can find out the cause.

It is a kind of religious neurosis.

Nothing is complete in your life, everything is incomplete.

Not knowing yourself.

You will not be fulfilled.

You will not feel content.

The reality is that you have not tried to change your life, to change your vision, to change your consciousness.

You have not taken the realms of your life into your own hands!

You are not a master of your own being.

The real honesty is not towards the society, towards the church, towards god.

No the real honesty is a responsibility to your own being, now, exactly where you are, this very moment.

Because after thousands of years of conditioning, you have never known what it means to live moment to moment.

The only real test is when you have your own experience.

It needs tremendous awareness.

You have to be honest to the present moment, not to the past, not to the future.

Then you have no further need to listen to anyone else.

Truth is a search, not a faith. It is an inquiry, not a belief.

An Authentic Religiousness, needs no prophets, no saviors, no churches, no popes, no priests, because religiousness is the flowering of your heart.

If religiousness spreads all over the world the religions will fade away.

It will be a tremendous blessing to humanity when people are simply people.

So my whole effort is to prepare individuals, not groups; and each individual has to be a seeker, not a believer.

Each individual has to come to his own understanding about life, existence and the ultimate values.

Those values may be different to you, they may be different to somebody else, it doesn’t matter, but they will have a beauty.

One humanity is enough.

And one religiousness is enough.

Meditation, truth, love, authenticity, sincerity.

A quality, not something organized.

The moment organization comes in there is going to be violence, because there will be other organizations in conflict.


7) Transformation Beyond Words.

The Declaration of Human Rights basically means that humanity still lives in many kinds of slavery.

Otherwise, there would be no need for the Declaration.

The very need indicates that people have been deceived for thousands of years.

We has been deceived in such a cunning way that unless we rise above ourselves, we cannot see in what invisible chains we are living, in what bondage, in what invisible prisons we are confined.

My declaration of human rights consists of ten fundamental things.

The first is life.

We have a right to dignity, to health; a right to grow, so that we can blossom into our ultimate flowering.

This ultimate flowering is our right.

We are born with the seeds, but the society does not provide us the soil, the right caring, the loving atmosphere.

On the contrary, society provides a very poisonous atmosphere, full of anger, hatred, destruction, violence, war.

The right to life means there should be no wars anymore.

It also means that nobody should be forced into armies, forced to go to war; it is everybody’s right to refuse.

But this is not the case.

My second consideration is for love.

Love should be accepted as one of the most fundamental human rights, and all societies have destroyed it.

They have destroyed it by creating marriage.

Marriage is a false substitute for love.

Love should be the only way for men and women to live together.

No other ritual is needed.

Every commune, every village should take care of the children.

Once the commune starts taking care of the children, marriage becomes absolutely obsolete.

And marriage is destroying your basic right to love.

Let the whole society be slowly divided into communes of creative people.

Start different ways of expression, creativity, start small guilds, small communes of painters, of poets, of sculptors, of dancers, who really want to live, and live fully.

The third most fundamental right.

Everybody should be given the fundamental right that after a certain age, when they have lived enough and do not want to go on dragging unnecessarily.

We have every right to leave the body.

It is our fundamental right.

Between these three comes the fourth: the search for truth.

Truth is eternal, and to find it means you also become part of eternity.

Truth has no name, and truth is not confined in any system of thought.

Truth is not a theory, a theology, a philosophy.

Truth is not intellectual or emotional; truth is existential.

Truth is the experience of that which is.

You have the truth.

Your being is the truth.

You must change to know it and to be it.

Fifth: to find the truth, all education systems from the kindergarten to the universities will create a certain atmosphere for meditation.

Meditation does not belong to any religion, and meditation is not a belief.

Many people have been hoping for centuries for a new world, but they had no idea how to create it.

I am giving you the exact science how to create it.

Meditation is the name of that science.

The sixth: freedom in all dimensions.

Freedom in all dimensions means that wherever we are born, we are part of one humanity.

Nations should dissolve, religions should dissolve, because they are all creating bondage.

Our basic right is to be ourselves.

Freedom is such a spiritual necessity that without it we can never attain to our full potential.

Seventh: one earth, one humanity.

I don’t see any reason at all why there should be so many nations.

Why should there be so many lines on the map?

And they are only on the map, remember.

They are not on the earth; neither are they in the sky.

And the map is our invention.

Existence has not created this earth in fragments.

Eighth: uniqueness of every individual.

A very beautiful word has been misused so utterly that it is difficult to imagine, and that word is equality.

A few thinkers say human beings are equal.

The UN declares that equality is our birthright.

But nobody bothers to see that people are not equal and have never been equal.

It is absolutely illogical.

Each person is unique.

The moment you are all equal you are a crowd, your individuality has been taken away.

You are no longer yourself but just a cog in the wheel.

I teach not equality, not inequality.

I teach uniqueness.

Every individual is unique and needs to be respected in their uniqueness.

Because every individual is unique, the birthright should be:

Equal opportunity for their growth of uniqueness.

It is such a simple and obvious fact.

We are unique, and should be respected as a world unto ourselves.

A person is neither inferior to anybody nor superior to anybody; each is alone.

In this aloneness there is beauty.

You are no longer a mob, a crowd; you are yourself.

Ninth: a world government.

I am absolutely against governments.

I am for one government for the whole world.

That means no war will be possible; that means there will be no need to keep millions of people in armies unnecessarily.

They can be productive, they can be helpful, and if they are merged into humanity, all poverty will disappear.

One world government means a tremendous change, a revolution.

The whole earth will be benefited by it.

Secondly, if there is one world government it becomes only functional.

Right now government is not functional, it has real power.

If there is only one government, it will automatically become functional.

Right now it cannot be, because the fear of other governments keeps you afraid:

“Make your leaders strong, give all support to the leaders.”

But if there is no war there is no need of anybody having power, war is the cause of power.

And unless war disappears from the world, power cannot disappear; they are together.

A functional world government.

And tenth: meritocracy.

Meritocracy is a whole program of transforming the structure of society, the structure of the government, the structure of education.

Before the world government happens, each nation should pass through a meritocracy.

This is the only way: to replace the politicians by the intelligentsia.

Perhaps at this moment we have more intelligence in the world than we ever had before.

This is the time to rejoice

And once we have enjoyed the fruits of a meritocracy then these people will be able to understand that if we can combine the whole world into one government, life can certainly be a joy, worth living.

Up to now, whatever has happened has been accidental.

Our history up to now is nothing but a history of accidents.

We have to stop this.

Now we have to decide that the future is not going to be accidental.

It will be created by us; and to create our world can be the greatest creation possible.

Source: Osho